Why a Guest House

4 reasons to experience a guest house

If you are new to guest houses and want to know everything about them (including how they work, their history, and their interior). , the different types of guesthouses, what to bring with you when staying in a guesthouse, and FAQs) click here.

1) Cultural immersion

Many travellers want a cultural experience.

There are 8 different types of guesthouses: rural, urban, budget, luxury,
boutique, historical/cultural, mountain, and ecological. friendly. Each offers unique features and experiences. In a "hotel district/area", but guesthouses can be pretty much anywhere.

This way you can immerse yourself in a local neighbourhood, with a more "downtown" feel. This way you can see how the locals live and experience something different from the typical lodging experience.

You may be able to learn about daily life, customs, language, and cuisine from a local's perspective. It's not uncommon for guests and hosts to chat while eating or drinking. I have had countless experiences where my host served me tea or wine followed by stimulating conversation.

2)  Relaxed Atmosphere
Guesthouses tend to be quiet.

For example, breakfast often doesn't start as early as hotel breakfasts. It is common for the host of a guest house to ask their guests when they would like breakfast to be served, rather than assigning them a time. Guesthouses tend to be smaller and accommodate fewer guests than hotels, which can also improve their atmosphere.

Guesthouses with a social atmosphere contribute to an environment where guests can meet interesting and like-minded travelers to share Laughter, food , and travel tips.

Some properties work with local guides or host their own events, such as B. Hikes and wine tasting.

3) You save money

Guesthouses generally cost less than hotels.

In my experience Guest house rooms rarely exceed the price of local 3-star hotel rooms. Hotels typically have higher overheads, are typically located in rented buildings (often in high-traffic areas), employ staff, and are sometimes subject to different zoning rules than guest houses.

Guest houses are often family-owned and operated.

Your "staff" are usually family members who help with whatever needs to be done. For example, the host's son can take care of the registration and his mother can prepare the breakfast. City guesthouses are not usually in the most central area.

Another reason that guest houses tend to cost less is that they tend to offer fewer services than hotels. By saving money on accommodation, you'll have more time for things like tours, car rentals, restaurants, and nightlife. Many inns only accept
cash, especially those in cash-based economies. How to find a guest house that accepts card payments

4) You can usually cook

Guest houses often offer a kitchen.

Some give each guest access to a private kitchen (en suite) and others have a shared kitchen for guests and hosts. In general, guest houses with kitchen access cost less than hotels with kitchen access. This allows you to save on accommodation if you choose to cook your own food.

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